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Expert Tips and Tricks to Wearing The Boob Tape Under Anything

Finding the perfect strapless bra can be an effort when nearly every woman out there has struggled with a list of unmentionables and eventually decided to settle for whatever seemed suitable. A varying range of necklines and shoulders for outfits or dresses makes it really difficult to get the perfect look that we want. With clothing pins and hooks holding us up, finding the secure fit for our beloved dress seems almost too good to be true.

According to the experts, getting the perfect fit for a strapless bra can be tricky. It has to be discreet as well as effective. Women have worn strapless bras for years, and they have made it possible for us to carry some of the most gorgeous outfits but, the struggle to find the perfect strapless bra finally comes to an end.

The Boob Tape

If you’re looking for the right breast tape that can hide well underneath outfits while being absolutely secure, then The Boob Tape is a perfect choice! It can be worn under various outfits and dresses without you worrying about the visibility of seams and edges. Not only is the boob tape perfect for fitting, but it is also manufactured using medical-grade adhesive that prevents any kind of irritation to your skin. You can simply stick and tape it to your breast for it to fit perfectly. With the boob tape, there will be no hindrances or restrictions to your movement in your tops and dresses. Made for all body sizes and shapes, the boob tape works for any bra cup sizes from A to DDDD(G).

Not Your Average Bra

The Design of The Boob Tape helps to create a natural cleavage to your breasts. Not only will they look perkier, but the fuller coverage also makes sure the seams or edges are not visible through the thin fabric of your outfit. It provides that invisible grasp while being comfortably strapless and wireless. Being soft and incredibly comfortable, the boob tape does not peek from your dresses or through them. With uncovered shoulders and your back, you can style your outfits however you like as your the boob tape provides you the support you need while moving about through your day. It goes perfectly with strapless dresses, backless dresses, deep-neckline tops, off-shoulder tops, halter necks, etc. Whether you wear a low-cut crop top or a strapless outfit, the boob tape enhances your chest to complete the look without compromising on your comfort.

A Dependable Design

Most of the time, when the straps of our bras are visible, they give off the appearance of a wardrobe malfunction, but the bands of our normal bras are nearly impossible to hide, and this makes it difficult to carry the right look the way we want. Not only do the straps create problems with backless dresses, the bands of your bra are often visible through the plunging necklines of your tops and the off-shoulder dresses, but the boob tape comes with unparalleled hidden grip and support that will leave you confident in whatever outfit you wear. With the dedication to create the most reliable and effective strapless adhesive bra, the boob tape came up with a design that was incredibly stylish and highly comfortable to wear under any dress or outfit.


How to Apply The Boob Tape?

Using the The Boob Tape and applying it is  easy. The skin-friendly adhesive holds throughout the day, and you don't have to worry about the tape comes off.

Step One:

Dry off your skin completely and wipe off any moisture left on your skin. Do not apply lotion before applying the product.

Step Two:

Apply nipple covers.

Step Three:

Roughly measure the length by holding the tape up in the position it will be used to get an idea of how long the tape should be. Keep in mind the tape stretches. 

Step Four:

Slowly peel the paper off the tape and making sure the tape does not touch itself or your hands too much.

Step Five:

Hold your boob in the desired position.

Step Six:

Slowly taping your boob, start from underneath, and pull the tape to the desired position. Use a mirror to make sure you are lining up the tape correctly. Smooth any wrinkles. Try not to move the boob tape once it touched your skin as the adhesive will lose strength.

To remove the tape, pull the tape off slowly. If you're having trouble removing the tape, you can also use coconut oil or moisturizers to weaken the adhesive.



Many people opt for adhesive bras to carry all kinds of outfits and dresses perfectly. Whether it's a formal occasion for exquisite dresses or a stroll around town, our product provides you secure support throughout the day. Pick the bra that enhances your curves to look absolutely flawless in a dress you always wanted to wear. Fashion does not always translate to being uncomfortable, and with the boob tape, you get that comfortably firm uplift that carries on.