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Using The Boob Tape to Create Natural Cleavage for A and B Cups

Having small breasts is awesome. You get to go braless, something your larger chested friends envy you for. No annoying back problems. 

Whether you have an A cup or a B cup, it doesn’t matter. You can feel sexy and show off your girls because you deserve to feel confident. And how do you achieve that? By using the breast tape.

We designed The Boob Tape, a strapless and backless bra, to help women with small busts create a natural cleavage.

We’ll first look at the old school ways of enhancing your cleavage, so you can have a variety of options to choose from, and then we’ll discuss the boob tape, which will put an end to your cleavage woes.

Old School Ways of Enhancing Your Cleavage

Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras were the probably first thing you tried when starting on the arduous quest of finding the Cleavage within. Many women with A cups and B cups try out these bras.

Push-up bras have many perks other than creating cleavage. They prevent your boobs from sagging. They make small busts look a cup bigger because of their paddings.

While some girls love push-up bras, it makes others develop a case of Impostor-Boob syndrome. These women detest push-up bras because they feel fake wearing them. They feel they are fooling the people by making their small chest seem larger than they are.

Cleavages formed by push-up bras also have an unnatural look to them. People have polarizing opinions about push-up bras, either they love them or they hate them.


Contouring is the ultimate fake it till you make it fix for getting cleavages. The boob job without the plastic surgeon. It involves using make-up to create an illusion of bigger breasts and prominent cleavage. 

There are a couple of caveats to this method, though. You are at the mercy of sweat washing away all the make-up on a hot summer’s morning (risking a weird stare from other people). Contouring also takes a lot of skill, effort, and time. Not to mention the constant apprehension that people will realize you have contoured.

How The Boob Tape can create a Natural Cleavage

The Boob Tape has all the perks of push-up bras, without the extra baggage that comes with them (wires, straps, etc). Whether you are an A cup or a B cup, the boob tape are perfect backless and strapless bras. 

The boob tape work great for A cups and B cups and give a nice natural cleavage. Do you find a lot of space between your boobs that prevent you from getting a cleavage? Don’t worry, the boob tape is flexible in their positioning. You can be the Picasso of cleavages by masterfully shaping them how you’d like them to look.

And if you want to wear backless gowns and need a backless bra, then the boob tape is your best best.

The best part about the breast tape is that they show your authentic breasts in an authentic way. No need to feel fake by making your boobs look larger and perkier.