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The Boob Tape for Large Breasts: Best Lifting Bra for DD(E), DDD(F) & DDDD(G) Cups

 Dying to wear those strapless gowns you’ve been eyeing forever, but your large boobs won’t allow you to? Have a wedding coming up, but you hate your breasts for the first time, and you wish they were a little bit smaller?

For all your wardrobe woes, we have the perfect solution. The Boob Tape is a sticky adhesive tape that lacks annoying straps and wires and gives you the perfect lift and cleavage to look stunning in those dresses. 

The Boob Tape is well made that it can replace regular bras. You don’t have to suffer the wrath of the wires and straps pressing against your skin and suffocating your ribcage.

If you would like to wear strapless and backless items, there are more items that are popular - strapless bra and traditional sticky bra.

Problems with Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are a decent option. If you want to wear a sexy spaghetti or strapless top, these bras are good bras for the job.

The problem with strapless bras is that it is difficult to find the right one for your boob and body type. You might find these bras too tight, what with underwires biting into your skin, giving you a bra hickey. Or you might find them too loose, slipping down towards your stomach and make your large boobs look saggy.

Some women complain that these bras leave a gap between the bra cup and boob. Sometimes these gaps are so large, you can store some apples in them after your trip from the grocery store!

Strapless bras can work if you find the perfect fit. And just like the perfect guy, it is ever elusive. 

Problems with traditional sticky bras

Traditional sticky bras market themselves for all boob types, but they seem to favor women with smaller chests. For one, the sizes of these bras aren’t suited for D, DD, DDD, DDDD, E, F, G cup. Additionally, the adhesives aren’t strong enough to support DD, DDD and DDDD cup breasts as much as smaller breasts.

This has made many women skeptical if any sticky bra can work for them, and rightfully so. Many women have tried these bras, only to find them not fit properly because they were meant for a C-D cups size rather than a DD cup or larger.

Apart from these problems, traditional sticky bras have other issues. We have outlined these issues in our other article here.

The Boob Tape: The Best Lifting Solution for Women with DD, DDD and DDDD cups

We looked at all the problems of current sticky bras out there and tried to come up with a better solution.

While sticky bras claimed to cater to chests of all sizes, in actuality, they were suitable for a cup D at best. However, we created the boob tape keeping each cup size in mind. So if you are a woman with a large bust, don’t worry, our breast tape is the best stick-on bras for women with large breasts.

What are tapes typically known for?

Yes! to secure things in place. We created the boob tape for the same purpose. Our adhesive is medical grade is very strong, just like tapes, but it is suitable and safe for your skin.

The Boob Tape is 16 feet long!

That means you can customize it however you like to fit your size and the outfit you will be wearing—no more relying on the size chart. You are now in control!